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Why will Greece be able to easily cope with the Turkish UAVs?

T-6A Texan II of #Hellenic air force
*Maximum speed 316 knots
*Service ceiling 9,400 m
*Maximum height 10.668 m
* Able to carry bombs, rockets and artillery shells to sub-wings
*Weight – Empty 2,087 kg
*Maximum take-off 2,958 kg
Cost : 5.8 million

TB2 Bayraktar #Turkish air force
*Maximum Speed : 120 knots
*Max take-of weight 650kg
*Operational altitude 5.500 m
*Service ceiling 8.200 m
*Armed with missiles
Anti-tank missile / guided missiles (air to ground)
Production: #Turkey
Cost : 5 million

#Greece will arm the T-6A to counter the #Turkish UAV.
T-6A can be equipped with radar and missiles.
The #Israeli company Elbit can offer to #Greece an upgrade/modify T-6A and weponize them as a counter option against TB2.

The example of the modified #Azerbaijan AN-2 (Adonov)

Why will #Greece be able to easily cope with the #Turkish UAVs?

1. #Greece has a strong air force with fighter jets.
2. Powerful radars with modern technology (ground radars and aerial)
3. Numerous and technologically advanced anti-aircraft systems.

Detailed explanation 👇 

 #Hellenic air force
154 F-16 C/D Fighting Falcon
24 Mirage 2000-5 mk2
18 Mirage 2000 EGM (to be replaced with Rafale F3R
34 F-4 E (to be replaced with 20 F-35 Lighting II)

 #Hellenic anti aircraft systems
Crotale NG/GR : 9
Asrad Hellas stinger : 54
OSA AKM (SA-8) : 39
TOR-M1 : 25
Patriot Pac II/III : 6
S-300 : 2
Sky guard / Velos : 20 launchers + 24 Oerlikon-35 guns
Stinger mobile launchers up to 300
Range from 5 km to 180 km