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Syria in Lebanon

There’s too many Lebanese who are silent about the Syrian regime’s war crimes in our country. Here’s a thread of all the massacres committed by the Syrian regime on Lebanese soil:October 19-21, 1976 – the Syrian army attacked the village of Aishiyeh and massacred 63 people. The majority of the victims were women, children, & elderly. Women and girls were rped and slaughtered inside the towns church. Newborns were ripped apart, children were decpitated-with hatchets, houses were burned down. One of the victims was burned alive in front of his fathers eyes.April 9-13, 1978 – The Syrian army shelled Ain l Remmeneh in East Beirut. Al Hayat & Hotel Dieu De France hospitals were destroyed. Patients were moved out of their rooms to shelters. The Syrian army used artilleries that were forbidden at the Geneva convention.More than 60 civilians were killed and 300 people injured.June 15, 1978 – The Syrian Forces, under Rifaat el Assad’s command, attacked the village of Deir el Ahmar and executed 13 innocent civilians and one officer, Sgt. Mansour Chitt.June 28, 1978 – Syrian Special Forces, under Ali Dib’s command, attacked the villages of Al-Kaa, Ras Baalbek, Jdeidet Baalbek and Jdeidet el Feqha. 36 civillians were found in their pajamas tied up, mutilated, and torn to pieces.June 30, 1978 – The Syrian Army shelled East Beirut for 90 days. The shelling killed 600 civillians and injured 3000. It destroyed schools and hospitals. A booby trapped car exploded in Achrafieh, meant for Bachir Gemayel, but killed tens of civillians instead.The Syrian Army continued to shell Shahroureh Shelter in Achrafieh, killing 30 innocent civillians.July 21-27, 1978 – The Syrian Army brutally shelled Hadath in East Beirut. Houses, schools, hospitals, asylums & churches were partially or totally destroyed. 70 innocent civillians were killed and 350 were injured.August 24 to September 30, 1978 – The Syrian Army shelled, invaded, and massacred the villages of Zgharta, Bcharre, Koura, and Batroun. Hundreds of civilians were massacred, mutilated, chopped up with hatchets and burned alive.In Batroun alone, the number of civillians killed reached 65, with 40 others disappeared. An 89 year old man in a wheelchair was found with his throat riddled with bullets.October 1-8, 1978 – The Syrian Army brutally bombarded the regions of East Beirut and Metn with Phosporic bombs. They targeted the gas and fuel tanks of Dora. Four tanks exploded, burning the civillians in the vicinity and reducing the houses to ash.45 innocent civillians were killed and 74 were seriously injured.November 1, 1978 – The Syrian Army attacked the village of Bhamdoun and slaughtered nine members of two Christian families in order to activate religious friction in the area.February 1, 1979 – The Syrian Army violently shelled Achrafieh killing a total of 60 civillians and injuring more than 300.February 24, 1980 – Journalist Salim Al-Lawzi was assassinated near Beirut airport. Al-Lawzi, the owner of Al-Hawadeth magazine, was tortured by the Syrians and found mutilated in Aramoun.His right hand was burned with acid for writing an article, criticizing Syria’s Ba’ath regime.March 12, 1980 – Syrian agent, Hassan Tless, placed a bomb in the northern suberb of Beirut in an attempt to assassinate former President Camille Chamoun.April 2, 1981 – The Syrian Army shelled East Beirut, at a time when students were leaving school. Hundreds were killed and injured, mostly young students.December 1982 – The Syrian Army shelled and destroyed the city of Tripoli in north Lebanon. Hundreds of innocent civillians were killed/massacred and others deported to Syria.September 1, 1983 – The Syrian Army and their collaborators attacked the village of Bmarryam and massacred 35 women, children, and elderly. Among them was the village priest, Father Gerges el Rahi.September 9-10, 1983 – Similarly to Bmarryam, Syrian Army and collaborators attacked Maaser el Shouf and killed 63 women, children, and elderly. Among them was the village priest, Father Antoine Abboud. This was meant to stir sectarian tension between Christians and Druze.September 10, 1983 – Syrian Army and collaborators attacked the village of Bireh and executed 64 innocent civillians.September 11, 1983 – Syrian Army and collaborators massacred 15 civillians in Maaser Beittedine.I’ve reached my thread limit and I’m not even close to being done. I’ll add the rest laterSeptember 12, 1983 – The Syrian Army massacred 11 civillians in Fawara, 12 civillians in Ain l Hor, 12 civillians in Bourjayn, and 36 civillians in Chartoun. 41 innocent civillians were also deported to SyriaSeptember 16, 1983 – The Syrian Army massacred 21 civillians in MadjlayaBefore I continueOctober 12, 1983 – The Syrian Army attacked the city of Tripoli, 60 civillians were killed and hundreds were injured. Many were deported to Syria and remain there detained until this day.November 16, 1983 – The Syrian Army brutally shelled East Beirut: Sin el Fil, Achrafieh, Kahaleh, Fiyadieh, Hazmieh, Mkalles, Jisr el Basha, Ain l Remmeneh, Dekkwaneh and Furn el Shebbak. Hundreds of civillians were reported dead and hundreds others injured.February 2 to 11, 1984 – The Syrian Army brutally shelled Metn, Kesserwan and the mountains. 48 civillians were killed and 153 were injured in the first two days alone. 12 were killed and 115 injured on the third day.Hospitals, schools, and houses were hit and partially or completely destroyed.The newspapers reported the month of February, as the most barbarian month that had ever struck Lebanon. The Syrian Army was shelling with heavy artillery on a daily basis, in all regions of Lebanon. Schools, hospitals, asylums, churches, and shelters were their main targets.They killed 500 civillians and seriously injured 2500 more.March 13, 1984 – The Syrian Army shelled East Beirut. 27 civillians were killed and 125 were injured.May 3 to 4, 1984 – The Syrian Army shelled East Beirut, 29 civillians were killed and 18 were injured (mostly children).June 11, 1984 – The Syrian Army shelled East and West Beirut to provoke an internal confrontation. 105 civillians were killed and 250 were injured in the West side. 19 were killed and 107 injured in the East side.August 21, 1984 – The Syrian Army attacked the city of Tripoli. 30 civillians were killed and 150 were injured. Others were deported to Syria where they remain to this day. Tripoli had been the target of the Syrian Army for the whole month, killing 90 civillians and injuring 300.I’ve been accidentally spelling civilians “civillians” this entire thread l3ama shu ghabe please ignore my dumbass and my dumbass phone which wasn’t autocorrecting me anw ba3d ma khalaset.From an anonymous source on the Bmarryam massacre. Syrian regime war crimes in Lebanon didn’t end in 1984 and neither does my thread. I’ll be listing many more later.August 19-20, 1985 – The Syrian Army brutally shelled Beirut, Kesserwen, Metn, and Byblos. 22 civilians were killed and 86 were injured.March 21, 1986 – A Syrian booby-trapped car exploded in Furn el Chebbek, East Beirut. 30 civilians were killed and shredded into pieces. More than 132 civilians were seriously injured.November 22, 1986 – The Syrian Army arrested and tortured hundreds of Lebanese from Tripoli. Tens of civilians were found dead in the streets and the rest deported to Syria, where they remain to this day.November 30, 1986 – The Syrian Army accused civilians of collaborating against them in Tripoli, they executed 34 more civilians.March 14, 1989 – At 7:30 AM, school time, the Syrian Army entered Aramoun in Aley and killed 13 innocent children. Tens of civilians were were injured and four were burned in their car.March 14, 1989 – The Syrian Army shelled East Beirut, West Beirut, Metn, Byblos, and Shouf with heavy artillery. They killed 40 innocent civilians and injured 132. Hospitals, schools, and churches were destroyed.October 13, 1990 – The Syrian Army invaded the Christian area of Beirut, called the last free zone. At 7:00 AM, the Syrian Air Force bombarded the presidential palace while the Syrian army shelled with heavy artilleries in other regions.Soldiers of the Lebanese army were stripped naked and and executed with a bullet in their foreheads. Thousands of civilians were massacred; women and girls were r*ped and ripped open, children were slaughtered and cut into pieces. Hospitals, schools, monasteries, churches-and houses were destroyed and burned down. Shelters were attacked and people were massacred. Priests were strangled or butchered, hundreds were deported to Syrian prisons where they remain to this day.In Beit Mery, tens of civilians and soldiers were massacred. The Monastery of Deir el Qalaa in Beit Mery was attacked. Soldiers and priests were first tortured. Around noon, 30 Lebanese soldiers were placed in a pit and executed with machine guns and grenades.The priests, like Father Sleiman Abu Khalil, head of the Monestary, and Father Albert Sherfan, were deported to Syria. Their fate remains unknown to this day.In Hadath, the 19 young volunteers who tried to defend their homes were placed against the wall of Al Sayydeh church and killed by gunfire.In Daher el Wahesh, the Syrian Army not only massacred civilians, but executed 76 Lebanese soldiers who surrendered. Most of them had a bullet in the nape of their neck or in their mouth. They carried marks of cords around their wrists, they were naked only wearing underwear.Some of them had their eyes extracted, others had an arm or leg torn off.October 13-14, 1990 – The Syrian Army attacked the village of Bsouss, expelled it’s inhabitants and killed 15 civilians. They were shot in the heart and the head. Their relatives were not allowed to bury them until the day after.The rest of the inhabitants were expelled from their village and weren’t allowed to return until six years after, where they found the entire village razed to the ground.There are many that I have missed that I’ll be adding now at the end.June 1978 – 26 Lebanese Melkites were killed in the village of Qaa which was controlled by Syrian troops. The attack was perpetrated by Syrian intelligence.April 1 to July 1, 1981 – The Syrian Army besieged and shelled the town of Zahle. Hundreds were killed and injured. Even the Red Cross was a target for the Syrians. On April 3rd, the Nun Mary Sophie Zoghbi was shot down in her Red Cross ambulance.Syrian regime war crimes didn’t end in 1990. The Syrian occupation lasted until 2005 and from 1990 to 2011 Lebanon saw a series of outspoken journalists, politicians, and activists assassinated by the Syrian regime for speaking out against Assad.There are also still 600+ Lebanese still in Syrian prisons. Syrian regime interference and war crimes in Lebanon shouldn’t be brushed off. The Assad regime has never been a friend of Lebanon, and we will never forget it. May all of the innocent souls I’ve mentioned Rest In Peace. (Source: