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Pan-Islamic Union: A real danger or a chimera?

2. Dec 12-13 2020. The Association of Justice Defenders Strategic Studies Center (ASSAM) held its annual congress under the theme “Determination of Principles And Procedures of Common Defense System for the Islamic Union

3. What is the aim of ASSAM? Official website: “The aim is to make determinations on an academic and political ground with regard to current problems in world politics particularly in Islamic world geography and to offer solutions to decision makers”

assamcongress.com4. It is a common secret though, that ASSAM is spreading the idea of an Islamic union under the leadership of Erdoğan, a caliphate-like union among the Muslim world which will undermine the Org. of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), under the influence of 🇸🇦&🇫🇷 ASSAM is led by retired Gen. Adnan Tanrıverdi, the former chief military aide to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Tanrıverdi, the head of the ASSAM steering committee and who continues to advise the Erdoğan government on military matters6. Tanriverdi owns private military contractor SADAT
whose aim “is to establish a Defensive Collaboration and Defensive Industrial Cooperation among Islamic Countries to help Islamic World take the place where it merits among Super Powers……7 …by providing Consultancy and Training Services such as Strategic Consultancy and Training Services to Militaries and Homeland Security Forces of Islamic Countries”

SADAT, however, is a de facto paramilitary force loyal to the Islamist president of Turkey. 8. Established in 2012 by Tanrıverdi, it is currently headed by his son Ali Kamil Melih Tanrıverdi, who is the author of the book “The Return of the Caliphate.”
Since then, SADAT has played an active role in in various conflict zones

Erdogan’s former military advisor and head of paramilitary group SADAT in Turkey called for multi-nation Islamic armyNordic Monitor   The annual Islamic Union Congress organized by the Association of Justice Defenders Strategic Studies Center (Adaleti Savunanlar Stratejik Araştırmalar Merkezi, ASSAM) focused… Turkey’s opposition lawmakers asked about the role of SADAT in training the Islamic State in Iraq& Syria, its relations with MİT and if training jihadists to fight for GNA in Libya
SADAT runs military training programs in Africa since 2013

Turkey’s paramilitary contractor SADAT eyes training African troops via defense dealsNordic Monitor   Turkey  has signed agreements with African countries to train their troops, said retired Gen. Adnan Tanrıverdi, the former chief military aide to Turkish President Recep Tayyi… Apart from Tanrıverd the science committee of ASSAM is composed of Erdoğan’s chief aides Mesut Hakkı Caşın and Hakkı İlnur Çevik, Presidential Security and Foreign Policies Council member Çağrı Erhan, retired generals and several Islamist academics 11. Hakki Caşın once threatened Russia & Egypt with war “There are 25 m. Muslims in Russia. We fought Russia 16 times, and we will do it again. “Turks conquered Egypt after ruling the Mediterranean. This is a mission of historical/geopolitical importance. 12. The 4th ASSAM congress was held in Istanbul and focused on “the principles and procedures of the Common Defense System of the Islamic Union” and “the ideal defense organization model for confederation of ASRICA (Asia-Africa) Islamic Countries In the congress website we read: “Islamic countries have fallen into enormous chaos and disorders through the interference of the imperialist Western states,” and “the third world war continues as an undeclared war against those countries” 14. Sponsors of the congress of ASSAM:
Turkish Airlines (THY)
the state-owned military electronics producer Aselsan military avionics manufacturer Havelsan
Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI)
municipalities run by AKP 15. The aim of the Congress of ASSAM
“to make determinations on an academic and political ground with regard to current problems in world politics particularly in Islamic world geography and to offer solutions to decision makers”
assamcongress.com16. Main topics throughout 2017-2023
Establishment of the Legislation of the Administrative Structure and Organs
Establishment of Economic Cooperation, Defence Industry, Joint Defence System, Foreign Policy, Judicial System, Public Order and Security17. The conference lecturers come from various countries: Turkey, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Qatar etc

ASSAM Congresses – Asrika Joint Defense Industry Production Congress AbstractsTHURSDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2019 09:00-10:00 REGISTRY 10:00-12:00 OPENING AND PROTOCOL SPEECHES 1. Re. Brg. Adnan TANRIVERDİ- Chairman of ASSAM and Consult… In the presentation (slide 6) is stated: In the geography in which we should dominate, it has become the site of an undeclared, secret, insidious, asymmetric 3rd W.W in which elements of ethnic & sectarian differences within unitary state structures are fought with each other19. In Slide 8 is revealed that the unity of 61 countries will “get rid of the turmoil they are in and reach the power they deserve and make the world peaceful and ensure tranquility by gathering them under a will”20. The geography of the Pan-Islamic plan in which Europe is present21. Slide 18.The countries of this geography are in categories and are called ASRICA (Asia & Africa) although some of them are in Europe and America. In Europe we see Albania, Vosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, and “Macedonia” without the word North.22. Slide 19. The annual world defense expenditure is one TRILLION 770 BILLION dollars.
716 BILLION DOLLARS is from USA, 224 BILLION DOLLAR from China, 191 BILLION DOLLAR from 61 ISLAMIC Countries. The ISLAMIC World is in the THIRD place.

Then the comparative analysis follow23. The Defense Organization24. Panislamism (
1. aims to regroup Muslims under one authority as during the Prophet’s lifetime. 2. It intends to forge an international federation of Islamic states with the very real potential for threatening non-Muslims.

Which one is all the above? 

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The Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which Erdogan’s caliphate-like Union tries to undermine, is under the influence
of Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 and Egypt 🇪🇬 

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