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Greek revolution inspired many artists, Greeks, Europeans and others

. This thread will show some of their art


Lets start with a Greek one, Theodoros Vryzakis and his painting The Grateful HellasLeft: The Legend of Hagia Lavra
Right: The Camp of Georgios KaraiskakisLeft:The Sortie Of Messolonghi
Right: The GuardLeft: The Reception of Lord Byron at Messolonghi
Right: The ConsolationLudovico Lipparini

Left: The death of Markos Botsaris
Right: The death of Lambros TzavelasLeft: Lord Byron’s oath at the tomb of Botsaris
Right: Greek WarriorEugene Delacroix

Left: The Massacre at Chios
Right: Greece at the Ruins of MessologhiLeft: The Battle of Giaour and Hassan
Right: Botsaris surprises the turkish campLeft: François-Emile de Lansac, The sacrifice of the mother

Right: Louis Dupré, SalonaLeft: Louis Dupre, Demetrius Mavromichalis
Right: The Greek (Andreas Londos)Ary Scheffer

Left: The_Souliot Women
Right: Young Greek Defending his Wounded FatherPeter von Hess

Left: Hanging of Patriarch Gregory
Botsaris dying in KarpenisiLeft: Admiral Andrea Miaoulis on Board Kos
Right: BouboulinaLeft: François-Auguste Vinson, Samothrace Massacre

Right: Francesco de Vivo Donato, The death of TzavellasLeft: Xydacobe, Massacre of Chios
Right: Tomas Phillips, Lord ByronLeft: Konstantinos Volanakis, The burning of the Ottoman frigate at Eressos by Dimitrios Papanikolis

Right: Nikiforos Lytras, The burning of the Turkish flagship by KanarisLeft: Georgios Miniatis, Souliotisses

Right: Marsigli Filippo, The death of Markos Botsaris during the Battle of KarpenisiLeft: Ambroise Louis Garneray , The Naval Battle of Navarino

Right: Peter von Hess, Commander Kephalas plants the flag of Liberty upon the walls of Tripolizza (Siege of Tripolitsa)Left: Henri Decaisne, Failed Operation

Right:Nicolas Louis Francois Gosse, The battle of the AcropolisLeft: Peter Heinrich Lambert von Hess, Greeks Fighting Among Ancient Ruins

Right: F.P. Stephanoff, The farewell of a WarriorIvan Aivazovsky

Left: Battle of Navarino

Right: The burning of the Turkish flagship by KanarisLeft: BERARD, J – Battle Scene

Right: Carl Wilhelm von Heideck, Palicars in front of the Tempel at CorinthLeft: Denis Dighton, Field Officer. The Duke of York’s Greek Light Infantry

Right: Christian Johann Georg Perlberg, Palicars fighting for FreedomChristian Johann Georg Perlberg

Left: Battle scene from the Greek War of Independence

Right: Scene from the Hellenic RevolutionLeft: Paul Joanovitch, Greek guard

Right: Eugene Delacroix, Two Souliotes by the seaLeft: Haralambos Pahis, Messologhi

Right: Carl Haag, Greek WarriorLeft: Louis Benjamin Marie Devouges, The Oath of the Messolonghians

Right: Louis Joseph Toussaint Rossignon The last communion of the MessolonghiansLeft: Alphonse-Marie-Adolphe de NEUVILLE, Courage des femmes Souliotes

Right: Henri Leopold Levy , Scene from Greek Revolution