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Defend European Union against external and internal threats.

1⃣ Hellas🇬🇷🇪🇺 prospects for the future:

1. Demarcation of #EEZ with all neighboring states
(Libya, Cyprus, Expansion with Egypt)
2. Exploitation of gas & oil in our EEZ
3. Mining of precious ores
4. Tourist facilities
5. Development of Marinas network

A thread

2⃣ 6. Connected networks – Highways, Railways, airports, investment in seaplanes
7. Development of port facilities
8. Shipyards
9. Research institutes
10. Green energy
11. Investment & development of the defense industry.

3⃣ Hellas 🇬🇷🇪🇺 with the demarcations strengthens the legal & geostrategic framework our position & our role in the Mediterranean, also opens the door for Natural gas drilling.

Late 21 to early 22 Hellas enters the drilling phase
(Total, Exxon, Elpe)

4⃣ Hellas🇬🇷🇪🇺 must make the most of mining ores.

Gold, bauxite, nickel, perlite, houndite, magnesite, etc.

There are also copper-gold deposits and even occurrences of rare earth deposits.

Detailed article below:

5⃣ I think we are not at the right level

First of all, all the bureaucracies must be eliminated, remove the obstacles for any investor who wants to invest, archeology, police & all the State bodies must become efficient

The future is alternative Tourism

6⃣ Hellas🇬🇷🇪🇺 becomes the link between the countries of Africa and the EU🇪🇺.
We are a transit hub, this means that Hellas should utilize all transport corridors.

Egnatia Road is a good example.
Logistics + Supply Chain

7⃣ Let’s look & invest in the future: Seaplanes

We read all about investments that stumbled on bureaucracy.

Let’s finally end the absurdity!
Seaplanes mean investment in the local community, in Tourism, in transport and so on…

8⃣ Hellas🇬🇷🇪🇺 is UNACCEPTABLE not to build its ships here!!

In Elefsina and Perama there is a huge shipbuilding and repair zone.

The local community survived from there. To find the formula for the reopening of the shipyards. It is of vital importance!

9⃣ Green energy.

Hellas🇬🇷🇪🇺 must have energy autonomy!

A good effort is being made that started from Tilos and will be extended to another 26 islands

Opportunity to invest in renewable energy sources, wind, solar & hydroelectric.

🔟The bouzoukia are over & we fell off the track, comrades.

The defense industry & its development in all sectors, is vital.
We read that efforts are being made, they should pay off.

Universities have a huge role in this.

1⃣1⃣ Scientific research.
Hellenic🇬🇷🇪🇺 scientists are in the elite of the world.

Foreign countries benefit from them.
Vital to return & this will be done with vision and study tools combined with everything above

BRING THEM BACK / stop brain drain