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As soon as the curators of Bozkir Nuri from MIT learned about the detention of a batch of weapons, they met with him and offered to urgently leave Turkey.
“What happened next with this batch of weapons, I do not know.

People from MIT harshly offered me to leave until the police arrested me. Two hours before my name appeared in the database of those wanted by the police, they bought me a ticket to Ukraine, where I already had wife and child, and escorted to the airport.

In parting they said, they say, I need to sit out abroad while they resolve all issues on the detained goods “, – admitted Bozkir Nuri.
Life and arrest in Ukraine
Having emigrated to Ukraine, the former special forces soldier continued his business – his company won a tender…

…for the supply of Ukrainian KRAZs to Bangladesh. But he could no longer return to Turkey – the former curators from MIT made it clear that he had become “an extra link.”

However, in 2018, influential businessmen close to the family of Turkish President Recep Erdogan approached him with a business proposal.
who is now in a Turkish prison on another case.

It was also hinted to me that I am now a dangerous and unwelcome witness to illegal arms deals by Turkish intelligence. Therefore, the Turkish authorities put me on the Interpol list.

But the fate of such dangerous witnesses in Turkey is unenviable – for example, one of my acquaintances, also a former officer, suddenly died in a Turkish prison from a “heart attack,” says Bozkir Nuri.
On July 10, 2019, Bozkir Nuri was detained in Kiev at the request of…

But the Ukrainian courts found no grounds for his extradition – the former military man has a residence permit in Ukraine, he has an official and legal business here.
True, Bozkir himself fears that he may be kidnapped.

As well as other Turkish citizens who opposed Erdogan and were then taken out of Ukraine by Turkish special services with the assistance of the SBU.
Therefore, for the purpose of additional protection, he applied for political asylum.

But the Ukrainian authorities have not yet taken a decision on this issue.