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The Syrian was primarily interested in small arms, ammunition for them, hand-held missile systems, explosives and also spare parts for weapons.

According to Bozkir, at first, people from the Turkish intelligence service MIT reacted negatively to his candidacy as a supplier of weapons for Syrian Turkomans, bearing in mind the reasons for his dismissal from the army.

“But the Syrian field commander Khalil Kharmid defended my candidacy, saying that he was already convinced of my reliability and honesty.

His words outweighed all MIT doubts about my unreliability and disloyalty to the Turkish authorities, because I was once dismissed from the army on suspicion of this.

Thus, I turned out to be the one who transported weapons to Syria for several years for the Turkoman military units that fought against Assad, “Bozkir Nuri Gyokhan said.

The financing of the supply of weapons, as Bozkir Nuri Gjohan said, was carried out in a rather original way – seven containers arrived in the Turkish city bordering on Syria … with cash.

“If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed that this was possible. Seven containers with cash dollars arrived from Qatar. They were unloaded in front of me in secrecy – it was all controlled by MIT intelligence.

The containers were transported to the military base. gendarmerie under close protection. I received money without hindrance on a personal request, as much as was needed for the purchase of the next batch of weapons.

That is, I officially bought weapons for the Turkish army, after purchasing and receiving weapons, I transported them to my warehouse, and after that I sent them across the border to the Syrian-Turkoman troops.The

Syrian side was completely controlled by the field commander Khalil Kharmid – he was responsible for receiving the goods, “says the retired military man.
According to Bozkir Nuri Gjohan, he purchased weapons throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia from 2012 to 2015.