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“The cash was brought in 7 containers.”

Turkish officer living in Kiev told how he sold weapons to Syria.

Turkey illegally supplies large consignments of arms and ammunition to hot spots in Asia and Africa.

How it happens, “Strana” was told by a direct participant in illegal supplies – a retired officer of the Turkish special forces Bozkir Nuri Gjohan.
A political emigrant, journalist Yunus Erdogdu told the Strana that Bozkir Nuri was once a participant in illegal arms deliveries…

…from Turkey to the Middle East. Bozkir Nuri Gjohan himself confirmed this information and, in an interview with our journalist, spoke in detail about his activities.

According to Bozkir Nuri, he was fired from the army on suspicion of disloyalty, as a result of another “purge” of the Turkish armed forces by the supporters of future President Recep Erdogan who came to power.

After being discharged from the army in 2007 with the rank of yuzbashi – captain, Bozkir Nuri Gyohan went into business. And in this he was helped by the extensive contacts abroad, which the officer acquired during his service in the elite units of the Turkish armed forces.

The geography of Bozkir Nuri’s business trips while serving in the special forces is impressive – he carried out missions in Georgia, Iran, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Azerbaijan.

Basically, he was engaged in the supply of the so-called associated military purpose – equipment, food, as well as humanitarian supplies to countries where there were armed conflicts.

The main recipients of goods from Bozkir Nuri’s company were the Turkoman tribes in Syria, which was already in trouble at that time.

In 2012, when civil conflicts in Syria escalated into open war, Bozkir Nuri Gjohan received an offer from his Syrian partner, the field commander of the Turkoman militia, Khalil Kharmid.
The Syrian asked to switch from humanitarian supplies to arms supplies.

At the same time, Khalil Karmid gave a guarantee that the Turkish authorities would treat such a business favorably. And he introduced Bozkir to the Turkish intelligence officers MIT, under whose control the arms deliveries were to be carried out.