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1⃣ Today: The Cloud Cuckoo Land “Left”

Η κατά φαντασία “Αριστερά”

a thread

2⃣ I was annoyed, Again.

I read tweets from all kinds of accounts, i try to keep my Eyes open and my small brain wide open.

Sometimes i read tweets that annoy me so much that stick in my mind.

To overcome this i write threads.
Like this one.

3⃣ The tweet in question is this one:

It is in Hellenic🇬🇷.

It reads,

“I want you to find me a man who supports the killings (done by) extremists.

I do not think you can find one easily.

So isn’t that an excuse?

4⃣ … Can we also criticize the magazine and criticize the French state and not support the murders?”

When i read it i was amazed of the amount of deliberate “ignorance” of the facts shown.

She CHOOSE to ignore what is happening in the world.

5⃣I quoted the tweet that day writing,

“Lady, you must be blind.

Or are you deliberately propagating division?”

To defend her position she tweeted:

“U.S. Muslims concerned about extremism in the name of Islam”

Of course they do, like any other decent human in the world.

6⃣ The problem is that U.S. Muslims are part only of the Muslim world.

And what is happening in the Rest of the World is alarming to put in gently.


Not the Muslim people in general.

7⃣ Tatiana is “Against all forms of oppression”

As a typical member of the Cloud Cuckoo Land “Left”, or in another definition “The Left that never was” she does not stand criticism

Freedom of expression STOPS when somebody else criticize “The Left that never was”


8⃣ And by the play book of “The Left that never was”

see US “Liberals” or the European “Left”

anyone that dares to criticize is a Fascist, and so many cliche that i am sure i will bore you.

Moving on, nothing to see here.

9⃣ i knew that i will trigger this typical reaction.

Boring, isn’t it?

She blocked me, because, you know…

But Tatiana, is not my theme today, “The Left that never was” is.

And their choices.

🔟I did my research before starting to write,

i made a collection of tweets that will SCARE YOU.

Extremists all over the world openly calling for murders, be headings, terror, in @TwitterSupport, @TwitterSafety

Twitter SHARES the blame for giving them the platform for this

1⃣1⃣ Not only in Idlib, occupied Syria🇸🇾,

but also in Raqqa protesters glorified the beheader of the French🇫🇷 teacher #SamuelPaty.

In Raqqa, they called the attacker “the hero martyr”.


1⃣2⃣In India 🇮🇳, Aligarh Muslim university’s cabinet member Farhan Zuberi

is publicly saying that anyone who mocks prophet will be BEHEADED


1⃣3⃣ N.I. NAYON is “a graphics designer.”

from Bangladesh🇧🇩

He works on Fiverr.

And he wants to be head President Macron🇫🇷🇪🇺


1⃣4⃣ Mohammad Junaid Shakir is a

No, really, he is a Scientist!
From Islamabad, Capital of Pakistan🇵🇰

He wants to

“praise this guy, martyred by the french police, our Hero, Abdullah Anzorov”

The murderer.


1⃣5⃣ вαℓqєєss αℓαmery is from Indonesia🇮🇩

She mourns the death of

“A handsome young Muslim man martyred named Abdullah anzorov who had beheaded a teacher in France”


1⃣6⃣ Tambu͊wa͊l lives in Liverpool, Great Britain🇬🇧

He speaks Hausa, the largest ethnic group in Sub-Saharan Africa

He thinks that Samuel Patty was a pig.

He also misses very much Adolf….


1⃣7⃣ ابو عبدالله is a Turkish🇹🇷 troll that write his name in Arabic and lives in “Moscow”

He threatens the, in my opinion very distasteful, Charlie Hebdo with more murders and terrorist acts


1⃣8⃣ Tabish is Indian🇮🇳

Tabish thinks that the murderer Abdullah Anzorov is

“The Real Hero
Martyr of France….”


1⃣9⃣Tamour Awan is from Lahore Pakistan🇵🇰

Tamour Awan wants to make the murderer Abdullah Anzorov a role model for ALL his friends


2⃣0⃣ syiida has a profile pic of a young African woman.

syiida wants the murderer Abdullah Anzorov to be rewarded


2⃣1⃣ Umar Rajpoot is another Pakistani🇵🇰 extremist that wants to “CUT THEM OFF”

Although the heavy reporting of his jihadist tweets, he keeps his account intact to spread more hate and terror