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Defend European Union against external and internal threats.

Germany, protection of the constitution warns against Islamists in sheep’s clothing.

They act inconspicuously, comply with the law and have a Mission:

“Legalist Islamists” secretly want to establish a theocratical state according to the rules of Sharia law.

In order to expose their Tricks, constitutionalists have to look very closely.

The terrorist attacks in Vienna, Dresden, nice and a Paris suburb have recently dominated media coverage when it comes to fanatical Islamists.

Images of dead, injured and armed perpetrators spread fear and terror in democracies.

The concern about violent Islam is increasing.

However, the Federal Office for the protection of the Constitution in Cologne warns of another danger.

The Intelligence Service classifies the so-called Legalist Islamists as hardly less threatening.

These are people who want to enforce a theocratical compliant order not with brute force, but with silent influence.

“They pursue their respective goals – usually a long – term change of the German social and political system-on the basis of the local laws”

The phenomenon of a creeping infiltration of the Western world is also exposed by the FDP group vice president Stephan Thomae.

The member of the Bundestag says:

“Since the legalistic Islamists usually do not attract attention through criminal offenses, it is more difficult to observe them than with violent extremists”

The constitutional protection must have this group in its sights as well as threats

Thomae is convinced that they are pursuing

“the same goal by other means, the establishment of an Islamic State on German🇩🇪 soil”.

According to the security authorities, the Islamist scene is growing.

Last year, the number of Islamists in Germany🇩🇪 rose by about 5.5 percent compared to the previous year,

to 28,020 people.

Almost half is now attributed to the legalist spectrum.

In 2015 they were only 13,920 people.

That means more than doubling in just a few years.

This development poses major challenges for constitutional protection.

We must not only follow the traces of blood, but also the traces of money in the Islamist Milieu,“ says Thomae.

Asked about this, the Federal Office explains that the observation of Islamist efforts

in the area of legalism has long been one of the core tasks of the work.

Political decision-makers and the public would be informed accordingly and made aware of dangers.

“It is hardly possible for outsiders to recognize the real intentions of legalistic Islamist groups.

The best known and largest group of legalistic Islamism is the Muslim Brotherhood.

This community was founded in Egypt🇪🇬 in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna, is considered the parent organization of political Islam and is characterized by a strong urge to mission.

In Germany 🇩🇪, the Muslim Brotherhood and their associations have been monitored by intelligence services since the 1970s.

20,000 Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood members live on Turkish🇹🇷 soil, many of them receiving stipends from Erdogan.

Among the high-profile members sheltering in is Medhat Al Haddad who the Egyptian🇪🇬 government is accusing of heading the financial committee of the movement in Turkey🇹🇷

Brotherhood members freely conduct business and run television stations from Turkey

The Islamic community Milli Görus has been on the radar of the intelligence service since the 1980s.

The Furkan community, which is dedicated to education and proselytizing, was added as an observation object in 2018.


The Furkan Vakfi movement was founded by Alparslan Kuytul in Turkey🇹🇷 in 1994 and is striving for an “Islamic civilization” according to the rules of Sharia worldwide.

Kuytul is a hardcore Islamist that describes “takfiris” as “USA’s regional tools”


“The financing may be legal. Nevertheless, it is enormously important for security to be able to track money flows. We need to know who has an interest in Islamizing our rule of law.“
The German 🇩🇪 Federal Office refers to the international networking of local groups

in the field of legalistic Islamism with parent organizations in the countries of origin.

For example, the association Saadet Europa (until 2018 Saadet Germany) E.V., which belongs to Milli Görüs and is duly registered with the Cologne district court and non-profit,

is an offshoot of the Party Saadet Partisi (party of bliss) in Turkey🇹🇷.

Politicians from this party were there when the German🇩🇪 headquarters opened with a festive event in Cologne at the beginning of 2015.

Since then, specific structures have been built up from there.

In view of the systematic approach, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution🇩🇪 considers it dangerous to underestimate legalistic Islamists because of their moderate demeanor.

If one reads the statements of the organizations from this spectrum,

the impression could quickly arise that these are flawless democrats.

The Furkan community, which is under observation, advertises on its homepage with “skills” such as “tolerance 100 percent” and “discrimination zero percent”.

In the self-introduction (“about us”) you can read: “In our society, education and the reduction of prejudices are becoming more and more important.”

Protection of the constitution see this as a perfidious strategy.

Such groups would publicly acknowledge the Basic Law and would be very careful not to commit any mistakes that would offend and be punishable.

In internal circles, on the other hand, an Islamist legal, social and state order is propagated in training measures and

advanced training events, “which is not compatible with essential aspects of the Basic Law”.