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1⃣Wanna hear a story?
Thread about turkish paranoia.

2⃣ it involves sex, crime and drugs.

Do i have your attention?

3⃣ There is a big in-fight between turkish Nazi groups in twitter.
This one was one of the main propagandists of the #MaviVatan nationalistic paranoid dogma.

Now he is called a traitor, he was forced to change his user name and LOCK his acoount.

4⃣ He is even threatened with prosecution,

and direct messages are flying everywhere…

[keep that in mind…]

5⃣ But what happened ?
When all this started?
Who is he working for?

…Stay tuned, it gets better.

People meet Şenay Kaya,
“Legal Advisor on Law of the Sea & Lawyer & Author”

Also locked her account…
#MaviVatan is not going very well….

6⃣ Who is Kaya working with?
Gürkan Kumbaroğlu, Professor @ UniBogazici etc.
that constantly re – tweets her..

7⃣ Who else is involved?

World meet the infamous,
Yaşar Hacısalihoğlu Rector of Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University.

Ultranationalist(sic) that Kaya was frequently re – tweeting when her account was open.

8⃣ more, more give us more….

Meet Mustafa Özbey, retired admiral, that he is reaaaaaly

So he wants to start a war with his neighbors, see turkey’s children drown in the sea, killed in coffins.

What a way to spend your retirement…

9⃣Mustafa Özbey created a facebook page that keeps mumbling about past glory.

He, of course Never fought a war

1⃣0⃣9:43 AM · May 19, 2020,

This is when it all started,
when Rear Admiral Cihat Yayci,

chief of staff of the Turkish Navy and military architect of Turkey’s Libya policy forced to resign



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