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1⃣ Thread about

The #Turkish🇹🇷 Secret Service,

namely Milli Istihbarat Teşkilati (MIT)

on #European 🇪🇺 soil.

2⃣ The Turkish🇹🇷 Secret Service, namely Milli Istihbarat Teşkilati (MIT), was founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in 1925. However, only in 1985 – in a phase of great transformation of Turkish🇹🇷 domestic policy – the Service was placed under the Prime Minister’s leadership

3⃣ One of the primary goals of the Turkish🇹🇷 Secret Service, t, is penetration/control of the Kurdish PKK.

Another target is Fethullah Gûlen’s organization, namely Hizmet.

The MIT has had very sound relations with the CIA🇺🇸 since the 1950s

4⃣ and has always had good relations with the intelligence agencies of Russia🇷🇺 and Middle Eastern countries.

The MIT infiltrated various #European 🇪🇺 organizations mainly in #Germany 🇩🇪, #France 🇫🇷 and #Netherlands 🇳🇱

5⃣ The MIT🇹🇷 is a vast organization with a yearly budget of ₺ liras for 2020.

That is 315 million US dollars!

Also has 8.000 employees and a huge network of operatives

Data is publicly available…

6⃣ If you think that MIT’s🇹🇷 agents are hidden and look like the “conventional” spy, you are wrong.

Well, not exactly…

7⃣ They are so arrogantly confident that they even brag about it at social media.

They are all over twitter.

They are part of diplomatic personnel at #Turkish🇹🇷 embassies in #Europe🇪🇺

8⃣ Now, let’s get to the reason that triggered this thread.

One of them with a very good knowledge of the English language unlike the vast majority of the 82.000.000 turks🇹🇷, that have zero desire to learn anything but turkish🇹🇷, is harassing twitter accounts and propagandize.

9⃣ Meet Kenan Evren.

What a Name!

Ahmet Kenan Evren (Turkish: [ˈce.nan ˈev.ɾen]; 17 July 1917 – 9 May 2015) was a Turkish politician and military officer, who served as the seventh President of Turkey from 1980 to 1989.

He assumed the post by leading the 1980 military coup.

🔟 This account is multilingual and is used to harass every account that opposes turkish 🇹🇷 policies.

Here is a screenshot from operation IRINI @EUNAVFOR_MED

1⃣1⃣ Someone might argue that his bio is a FAKE.

In that case this account is in Violation of countless Laws.

He has a link at his bio to the
#Turkish 🇹🇷 embassy in PARIS🇪🇺

/ End, for now.


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