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1⃣ Thread, #Turkish 🇹🇷 Gray Wolves🐺,

FETÖ and (MHP/AKP) Fights in @Twitter

A lot of this story is connected with my previous thread about 🇹🇷 paranoia, you might want to make a refresh about the main characters of the play:

2⃣ One of the main characters of the play is an account that used to be owned by a Turkish propagandist


and now owned by HellasCyber

3⃣ As you can see in the previous thread @YzbDz utilized a big audience to spread #Turkish 🇹🇷 militarist propaganda but thinks went south.

He was using the account for sexual harassment and people got angry

4⃣ He was collaborating with the university “professors” mentioned at the old thread to attack #Hellenic 🇬🇷twitter

He changed his name from @YzbDz to @sailor06_ and then to @mavivatantc
But when you change your name twitter shows both names and notifications go to both accounts

5⃣You can make a twitter search with any of these names you will see the same results

6⃣ ok, but you promised us Grey Wolves🐺 and FETÖ
Where are they?

Coming up next Grey Wolves🐺 !

7⃣”Grey Wolves”(Turkish: Bozkurtlar) is a Turkish far-right ultranationalist neo-fascist political organization
They have racist and xenophobic attitudes
The youth and paramilitary/militant wing of the NAZI Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), minority government party in #Turkey 🇹🇷

8⃣ Grey Wolves🐺are spread all over #Europe 🇪🇺, you can see them here chased away by the police in #Austria🇦🇹

#France 🇫🇷, #Germany 🇩🇪, #Netherlands 🇳🇱, #Sweden 🇸🇪

have also huge problems because of radical elements between #Turkish 🇹🇷 diaspora

9⃣ So,how are they connected to our story?
There are millions of Grey Wolves🐺in #Turkish twitter, most of them have the icon next to their name
So be careful who you interact to
When the @YzbDz account was taken over by the new owner he was immediately attacked by a young female

🔟that thought that she was speaking to the old pervert.
When she realized her mistake she immediately accused the new owner as a FETÖ member

To their minds anyone else outside their clan is a “terrorist” and a “FETÖ member”
She has now locked her account for reasons that follow

1⃣1⃣ She used their common practice to harass users in @Twitter
she immediately tagged @erhankaleli_
A “famous” FETÖ hunter, to hunt the “new enemy”
Don’t look for his account, it is now SUSPENDED.

1⃣2⃣ that made Happy a lot of people

1⃣3⃣ He has been harassing constantly any opponent of (MHP/AKP)

This account of a”Purged Navy Officer” wrote:

“I love you @jack @Twitter
at least here we see some democracy, human rights and justice. ”

1⃣4⃣ while other democrats were attacking his fascism


1⃣5⃣ Update, more Turkish citizens suffer from (MHP/AKP) TROLLS

“I complain about these immoral enemies, these rape enemies, please I request your HELP”

1⃣6⃣ turkified bigots are the worst.

Please report this.


unroll thread please.